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keyboard-428326_640The premier custom app creator, LumberBat Apps specializes in Android and Windows 10 apps for Phone / Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices. We produce business, educational and entertainment apps primarily, and also undertake custom app development for clients as well as producing our own apps. We have produced apps for the following sectors: Business Productivity and Reporting, Construction, Education and Learning, Games, Retail / POS, Science and Mathematics, Kiosks, Websites, Transportation and Weighbridges, amongst others.


appApp Development
We are available for custom app development for our clients. Should you be interested in discussing your requirements for your app with us, please feel free to contact us. We support app development for Windows 10 and Android, and desktop applications on Windows, Linux and Android.


busSoftware Development
We also create desktop and server applications for our clients, primarily for Windows and Linux.  Visit our Custom Software Development page for more information.