App Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to LumberBat Apps.

Accordingly, we have developed our apps so that they do not collect any personal information.  While we cannot and do not take responsibility for any data collected by the app store / location you obtained our app(s) from, our apps do not collect or transmit personal information.

You may share certain information from within our apps, or by using external third party tools, using the Share feature of your device, or by taking screenshots, however this is not under our control and your sharing / capturing data from our apps howsoever performed is at your own discretion, and as it is performed outside of our apps, we do not take any responsibility for these actions.

Where data is saved within an app, it is saved only to that device and not shared between devices by the app.  Data saved by our apps is not encrypted and can be accessed by third party tools.  You should not store sensitive or personal information in our apps.

April 2015